Channel Island Ceramics supports a number of local charitable organisations including school PTAs, The British Red Cross Society, Maison St. Pierre Home for Girls, Project Rhino and the Guernsey branch of Action Aid. 

St. Martin’s School

Channel Island Ceramics supports the community, and as a friendly gesture to give back to young people at St. Martin’s School we have provided them with Wedi Board, Mosaic tiles, adhesive and sealent. The children have created an amazing wall display for everyone to enjoy, the pictures of which are available on our Facebook page.

Maison St. Pierre Home for Young Women

There are many unsung organisations in Guernsey that offer services to the local community. Maison St. Pierre offers short-term accommodation for women who, through often violent circumstances, have nowhere else to go. They offer accommodation for up to ten women including their children, filling a gap in what is offered from social services. In 2009 a group of Channel Island Ceramics employees pooled their charity days and fitted the kitchen and appliances that were supplied by their employer at a reduced rate. (Channel Island Ceramics Staff are allocated 2 charity days per year).


Another charity that we support is Bridge2. Whilst many major worldwide charities cover a disaster situation only to leave it after a matter of months, Bridge2, founded by Sarah Griffith, focuses on providing long-term recovery and aid to affected areas in Sri Lanka, Haiti and the Philippines. Ten years after the Asian Tsunami, Sarah and Bridge2 continue to help many of the same families who received their initial aid. Rather than simply funding projects, Bridge2 considers more sustainable, long term solutions; for instance, supplying a bicycle that would enable a family to travel further to find work, or a sewing machine to produce goods to sell.

Channel Island Ceramics are proud to have sponsored Bridge2’s Summer online charity auction with some of our luxury shower equipment.

Project Rhino

Founded in 1988 by Spencer and the late Janet Gelsthorpe as an effort to preserve the black rhinoceros in Africa, this charity has developed to now support the local communities in these areas. Recent projects have included the re-building of a primary school in Kenya and constructing medical dispensary centres. Guernsey volunteers are often involved, providing valuable skills to aid the construction of buildings on site, such as the Gitwe Water project in 1999, which was partly financed by the States of Guernsey and built by a team of volunteers from the Island and Anglian Water.

Channel Island Ceramics supports this trust by displaying and selling African sculptures, the proceeds of which go directly to the charity to benefit small communities in Zimbabwe. For more information on how you can assist, please contact the Project Rhino Charitable Trust Organisers, Chatsworth, Rue de la Mare, Torteval, Guernsey.


ActionAid is a unique partnership of people who are fighting for a better world without poverty. As one of the UK’s largest development agencies, they work in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, listening to, learning from and working in partnership with over nine million of the world’s poorest people.

Their vision is of a world without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity. Their mission is to work with poor and marginalised people to eradicate the causes of poverty by overcoming injustice and inequity. As an organisation, it works by the values of mutual respect, equity and justice, honesty and transparency, solidarity, courage of conviction, and humility.

They believe that by fighting poverty together – working with poor local communities, national governments and international organisations – they can help bring real change to the lives of impoverished people.

If you are organising a charity raffle and require prizes, please contact a member of the Channel Island Ceramics staff who may be able to assist.