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How do you style your dresser?


How do you style your dresser? 

Books, crockery, glassware, accessories, photo frames - when it comes to the things that you can fill your dresser shelves with, you're hardly going to be short on options.  But that's the point.  Where do you start? How much is too much?

Emma Sims-Hilditch, Creative Director of Neptune discusses how she styles her own and has a few bits of advice for us all.

For her it all starts with location

The room that you put your dresser in will always influence what you put on its shelves.  It sounds obvious, but it's something that's quite easy to bypass because we're almost preconditioned to think that a dresser is where you put your finest glassware and wedding china. 

For example, the dresser in her family's kitchen is next to the breakfast table.  When it came to filling it, she decided to put all of the crockery that she used for muesli, fruit and toast in it. In fact she even put a few big glass jars filled with various cereals in there as well - a dresser can be like a mini pantry too.  


Naturally she says you would want to put different things in a hallway dresser and a dining room dresser.  So, always start by thinking about what happens in and around the room, and what makes sense to have close to hand.

It doesn't have to be about function  

Dressers are so versatile.  They're undoubtedly good when it comes to storage and using day in, day out. But as Emma says we still love using them in the traditional way - as a display piece. 

This article appears in Neptune's June Journal.  You can read the full article here.

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