Not everyone wants a Cinderella stagecoach bed or a fortress for a wardrobe, but they are available! We offer a diverse selection of beds and bedroom designs in high gloss lacquer, fine veneer or solid timber. We will visit your home, plan the room and then fit it using our own staff. We have an amazing selection of beds including over 10 styles available in 10 widths and 2 lengths. With an option of 11 mattresses and eight bases, that’s 22,800 bed options.


Hülsta is the only company in the world that can claim to make “the best bed in the world”. Acknowledging the age-old issue of having a partner that may not be the same weight or have the same requirements of bed hardness, Hülsta, makes beds with adjustable bases; one side can be hard or medium whilst the other can be soft and changed in seconds.