We work closely with many architects and interior designers on a variety of local projects from restaurants and cafes to office blocks and banks. Our most prolific area however, is new build apartments and houses. These include:

  • Number One
  • Royal Gardens
  • Royal Terrace
  • Marina View
  • Georgian Properties on Bulwer Avenue
  • The Flagship Buildings
  • The Vega Apartments, and many more lesser known developments.

Whilst many of our commercial clients renovate one house at a time, some develop an estate of five. Whatever the size of the project, we see our job as making their final product more appealing to a buyer or tenant and we work very closely with the developer to achieve this.

Restaurants and Bars

We have supplied and on occasion fitted the flooring, the bar tops and the washrooms in many local restaurants and bars including:

  • Laska
  • The Crow’s Nest
  • Da Nello’s Restaurant
  • China Palace
  • China Red
  • The Auberge
  • The Farmhouse
  • Dix Neuf
  • The Lemon Wedge (The Coal Hole)
  • Le Petit Bistro
  • The former Villa Italia
  • The Deerhound
  • La Grande Mare Hotel and Restaurant
  • The Farmhouse (formerly the Hougues Fougues)
  • The Blue Diamond’s Friquet Garden Centre
  • The Fermain Valley Hotel Projects
  • Hook

Our granite bars and counter tops are in The Absolute End, China Palace, China Red, Le Nautique, OGH, Renoir’s, Laska, Da Nello, The Marina, OGH, La Trelade, The Duke of Normandy, Dix Neuf, The Deerhound, Power Cuts, The Town House and six of the best take away establishments.

Offices and banks

We have been involved in many of the new office blocks, including:

  • Mees Pierson
  • Admiral Park
  • Trafalgar Court
  • Bank Julius Baer
  • Deutsche Bank
  • EFG
  • Fortis Bank
  • HSBC
  • Rothchild’s

We typically supply the washrooms and toilets, or stone for the entrances. The two most visible examples are the entrances of St Julian’s Court in St Julian’s Avenue and EFG on the corner of the Avenue and Ann’s Place. Both of these fine interiors can be seen from the road through glass screens.


Our hotel bathrooms are in hotels including:

  • St Pierre Park
  • The OGH
  • Les Rocquettes
  • Le Chalet
  • Cobo Bay
  • The Duke of Richmond
  • The former Hotel De Beauvoir
  • Hotel De Havelet
  • Hougue du Pommier
  • Hotel Jerbourg
  • La Sablonnerie
  • Le Trelade
  • La Villette
  • Moores Hotel

Swimming Pools

Our swimming pool ceramics are in the St Pierre Park Hotel, Hotel de Havelet, Forest School and the Grammar School.

Some recent commercial projects include:

  • Kitchens and bathrooms at Number One St. Julian’s Avenue apartments
  • 130 bathrooms and the changing rooms at St. Pierre Park Hotel
  • All the tiling and the toilets at the Friquet Garden Centre
  • The refurbishment of the Ship and Crown (The Crow’s Nest)
  • The bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens at the Royal Terrace project
  • Lancaster Court toilets
  • Lombard & Wall (St. Peter Port House)
  • Tiling and granite bar tops at La Grande Mare Hotel and restaurant